November 5, 2021

7 Affordable House Movers In Singapore To Help With Your Move


Moving out of the house or workplace is one of the most stressful things to do, especially when you’re doing it for the first time. There’s loads of packing, shifting and boxing to do. 

However, you can always hire professional movers to reduce the workload, which is a relief.

While most people tend to avoid professional services to cut costs, it is not the smartest way to go. Packing all your belongings into boxes is already tiring enough, imagine having to carry them up and down trucks and stairs!

House movers in Singapore are generally affordable and can help take some weight off of your shoulders. Whether it is personal belongings, furniture, home appliances and more, house movers can help you. For example, with their help, you can focus on your work or even on the feng shui of your new house!

In this article, you’ll get information about the top 7 house movers in Singapore that will help you within an affordable price range. So without wasting much time, let’s get into that part right away!

Top 7 House Movers In Singapore – All You Need To Know

It is time for us to introduce you to the best house movers in Singapore who will do your job within your budget. We understand that your bank account might have lost some weight thanks to your home renovation.

Here you will get suggestions for movers that will do everything; from packing to transporting your goods. And we’ve also included some companies that allow you to hire their van services, and you can hire them to anything by paying additional charges.

Let’s get to know about these amazing movers, shall we?


1. Weload

Contact: 6929 8376

Operating Hours: Mon-Sat, 9AM-6PM

Price Range: From $40

When it comes to transporting bulky furniture, there’s no better option than hiring Weload. They will shrink wrap your household items for free and take them to your new place without any damage.

On top of everything, it is one of the most affordable services in Singapore. Their price range starts from only $40, which is mind-blowing!

While moving, Weload allows you to pick a lorry size. You can either get a 10-foot or 14-foot lorry, whichever you prefer. Moreover, if you need to assemble or dismantle your furniture, you pay some additional charges and get your work done.

2. The Lorry

Contact: 3138 9164

Operating Hours: Mon-Sat, 9AM-6PM

Price Range: From $25

The Lorry offers professional moving services for homeowners and office owners.

Basically, this moving agency offers you to hire their lorry at cheaper rates. Yes, you can hire their vehicle for shipping your furniture, and they will charge you from $25 onwards.

However, they also allow you to appoint helpers for shrink wrapping, assembling, packing, and disassembly. And the most amazing part is, they offer same-day booking, so you can get their services whenever you want. This is extremely helpful when you need moving services urgently.

3. Shalom SG

Contact: 6287 6117

Operating Hours: Mon-Sat, 8PM-5PM

Price Range: $45/hour for a van, $60/hour for a 15-foot truck

Shalom SG is one of the oldest and well-reputed movers in the country. They have been running their business for over 38 years, so you don’t have to worry about the reliability of their service at all.

This company will send trained and efficient helpers to handle your possession. They can transport all your fragile, valuable, and antique goods with the ultimate safety. Once you hire them, you can just relax and prepare to enjoy your new home.

If you have packed everything by yourself, you can hire their vehicles for transportation only. It will cost you around $45-$60, which is pretty reasonable.

However, you can hire their full service when you are not ready to withstand the pressure of moving to a new place. They will pack everything securely and do whatever needs to get done.

4. Omni Global

Contact: 6898 4994

Operating Hours: Mon-Sat, 9AM-5PM

Price Range: Starts from $50

Here is another DIY option for you that offers their services within your means. If you are thinking about wrapping everything by yourself and need just a vehicle, you can consider hiring Omni Global.

For a 10-foot lorry, they will charge you around $50 per hour. And if you have tons of items to move, you can get their 24-foot lorry that will cost you $90.

If you need an extra workforce, you can also get them by paying additional charges. It is one of the fuss-free options out there, so going with them will be a wise decision.

5. Red Sun Movers

Contact: 6366 1548

Operating Hours: Mon-Sat, 9AM-6PM

Price Range: $400-$500 per move

The Red Sun Movers is one of the most reliable names when it comes to professional movers. They are famous for hassle-free services, and their price range is pretty inexpensive too!

While packing your products, this company will use both string wrap and cardboard. In this way, your valuables won’t be vulnerable to breakage.

Additionally, they have top-notch customer service, which is pretty impressive. If you make any request or queries on their website, you will get an immediate response.

Their service will cost you around $400-$500 per move, which is levelheaded compared to most other high-end movers. Hence, you can choose to go with them for an optimal experience.

6. Vimbox

Contact: 6339 4439

Operating Hours: Mon-Fri, 9AM-5PM

Price Range: $350-$450 per move

Vimbox is suitable for any moving job. From the office to home, they will help you move out from any place without any trouble. They also offer international movers to transport your items overseas. 

For those who are in the midst of moving, Vimbox also offers storage rental to put your belongings away temporarily.

In addition, they are pretty great with handling your object. You can trust them with any small or large product; they will transport it without any damages.

You can also hire them to assemble and disassemble your furniture. This agency has a skilled workforce that will help you with anything you want. Moreover, they don’t charge an excessive amount, which is just the cherry on the top.

The most remarkable fact about Vimbox is that they offer you a huge storage rental service. Therefore, if you want a secure space to store your valuables, you can go for Vimbox without any hesitation.

7. Exped Moving Services

Contact: 8866 7936

Operating Hours: 24/7

Price Range: $400-$800 per move

When you are looking for highly experienced movers, you should definitely consider Exped Moving Services. They pride themselves to be customer-oriented and timely movers. Exped is a professional moving service that works round the clock, 24/7 just for you.

This means that if you need help urgently, this is the most excellent option you have.

In addition, this company offers you services within affordable price points. If you choose to go with them, it will cost you around $400-$800 per move depending on your demands. And once you hire them for the task, you don’t have to worry about anything else.

They are also a one-stop shop that provides handyman and cleaning services. This makes Exped one of the most convenient moving services in Singapore.


Things To Consider While Choosing A House Mover / Office Mover


Though we have told you about the top agencies you can hire, here is a list of factors you need to consider. If you do so, you will get the best deal without any doubt.

Check Out The Reviews

Read the Google reviews made by previous customers! While hiring help, you should always go through the reviews of their previous projects. Just browse some blogs and websites and gather some information on the service quality. In this way, you can ensure a fuss-free experience.

Ask Questions

As you are spending your hard-earned money, you are allowed to ask a question to assure yourself. Moreover, it will allow you to stay stress-free on D-day.

Before hiring them, ask questions such as what will happen if any of your objects go missing? Or what if a helper gets hurt in the process? These queries will save you many troubles along the way, so don’t hesitate and get the answers.

Find Out The Hidden Charges

Some companies will lure you to low-priced packages, and then they will add hidden charges. If it happens, the bills will cross your budget, and you don’t want that.

So before making the deal, make sure they are not charging you for anything you don’t know. And if you plan to get some extra works done, talk about it before using their services.

Get Everything In Writing

Hiring a mover is the same as applying for a renovation loan. It is best to be crystal clear about the entire deal.

When you are done with finalizing the deal, get everything in black and white. In this way, you can guarantee your desired service, and you will know how much it’s going to cost you.

The Bottom Line

Hiring movers will make your experience effortless; that’s no secret. Though it will cost you some dollars, you won’t have to go through any hassle, which is comforting. And it will save your time and energy so you can focus on some other productive tasks!

Here we’ve discussed the top movers that will save you from the troubles within an affordable price range. Good luck with your move!

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