1. Modern – A common intention to create a space then encompasses style, transparency and simplicity.

2. Minimalist – Designs are simplified further, usually with a touch of Japanese designs. Minimalist designs make use of spaces and are always clutter-free. A neutral colour palette is usually used.

3. Contemporary – These designs are trendy and evolving, and do not fully adhere to a particular style. It’s a lot more fluid.

4. Scandinavian – This style combines minimalism and comfort, where most of the designs are often cosy and warm. There could be an occasional dash of colour to brighten the space.

Renovation loans are helpful because it allows you to complete your home renovation without tapping into your savings.

Commonly, homeowners are confused between renovation loans and personal loans. Both are able to provide them the funding they require but there are key differences.

Renovation loan rates are slightly cheaper than personal loans, however, personal loans will offer more flexibility. You will have the freedom to use your personal loan at your discretion.

For most, you can borrow up to 6 times your monthly salary. If you require a larger amount, you can discuss with your financial institution for alternatives.

We work with a large number of legal financial institutions in Singapore. They can be found all across Singapore, in the East, West, North, and in the Central area.

All are near MRT stations, making it convenient for borrowers.

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No, please follow the repayment schedule on your loan contract.

($50,000 x 12%) / 12 months = $4,666.66 per month. Other than admin fee and late repayment fees (if any), there are no other fees.


Nope! RenoLoan is an absolutely free platform that helps homeowners find the best renovation loan.

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It is an annnual percentage rate at 12% per year for loans.

The loan tenure will depend on the amount you borrow and your repayment ability. It ranges from 3 months to 3 years, and even up to 5 years.

No, there will be no early repayment fee.

Any outstanding interests (if any) will also be nullified once you have made full repayment for your loan, earlier than the due date in your loan contract.

RenoLoan offers online renovation loan application. With this, loans can be granted within 24 hours.

This is very helpful especially for homeowners who need money urgently.

A renovation loan, as the name suggests, is a type of loan you can acquire to fund your home improvements.

If you’re looking to repair and refresh your house but don’t have enough budgets to fund the project, a renovation loan can be a huge help. As long as you’re eligible for the loan, you can upgrade your home and add value to it without having to worry about paying in bulk.

Instead, banks and other certified lenders will allow you to pay in monthly installments for up to five years with a fair interest rate. You can use this loan in various home improvements and it can be as cheap or expensive as you want with a loan ceiling of 6 times your monthly income.

Whether you need to fund major urgent repairs like electrical or plumbing needs, or you want to build additional rooms for your growing family, or you’re simply looking to beautify your space, you can utilize this loan as soon as possible. Your financial institution will assess the urgency of your situation and will process your application accordingly.

A renovation loan comes with a lot of benefits as it lends you a hand to temporarily cover the cost of your home improvements. If you’re still unsure if a renovation loan is your best option to having enough money for your home makeover, here are some of the things why you should take advantage of this loan.

Renovation loans are paid in monthly installments for up to five years. That means you can already utilize the bulk funding and comfortably repay them every month, providing your enough time to plan your finances better. You should have an emergency fund as well as money for your monthly spending.

This is also known to have a high loan ceiling with a maximum amount of $30,000 or 6 times your monthly salary, whichever is lower. It has a relatively low-income requirement of only $20,000 for some lenders. Not only that but it also has an interest rate starting from 1%.

And for those who have acquired a home loan beforehand, you can still apply for it separately and improve your newly bought house to add value. In case you need help in shouldering the project, you are also welcomed to apply for a joint loan with anyone from your immediate families such as your parent, sibling, or spouse.

If you’re planning to apply for a renovation loan in Singapore anytime soon, you must keep in mind its requirements for eligibility first. This includes being a resident of the country. You can be a Singaporean, a Permanent Resident (PR) or a Foreigner with a valid work pass.

You also have to be 21 to 65 years of age to be considered and prove that you have a stable source of income.

When applying for a renovation loan, you need to prepare ahead several required documents to be considered and start your process. This includes a photocopy of the front and back of your National Registration Identity Card (NRIC).

For salaried employees, you should also be able to show your latest income tax notice of assessment, latest payslips for the last 3 months, and latest 15 months CPF contribution history statement. For commissioned earners, you must prepare your latest 2 years income tax notice of assessment and the latest 6 months commission statement. Lastly, for self-employed, be sure to secure your latest 2 years income tax notice of assessment.

Another essential document that you must prepare ahead is your proof of ownership of the property to be renovated. This includes Sales & Purchase Agreement, HDB Sales Order, Property Tax, CPF Property Withdrawal Statement, and/or Title Deed.

Some financial institutions are able to shorten the registration process by syncing with Singpass. With your approval, your details can be filled in automatically.

If you’re opting for a joint application, you must be able to show proof of relationship between the principal and joint applicant like a copy of the marriage certificate (if applying with your spouse). Don’t forget to bring your original quotation or invoice from the contractor which should be duly signed by you, the applicant, and the contractor. Once you have these, you can then start your way to processing your renovation loan.

Renovation loans can be used for anything that involves improving your home. This can be anything from refurbishing old furniture to having a total home makeover.

Are you trying to build a new master suite? Or perhaps looking forward to upgrading your kitchen? All these can be covered by a renovation loan. The most common renovation works include demolition, dismantling, and hacking.

Other common renovation works can include building customized storages, wardrobes, tables and chairs. Masonry or wet works and waterproofing like flooring and tilework can also be covered by the loan.

If you are facing old water pipe bursts or require urgent electrical works, a renovation loan can help too.

Yes, you can still apply!

Regardless of our customers’ background, RenoLoan will do our best to secure renovation loan quotes for them.

A bad credit score might have been caused by late loan repayments, but that would have been in previous loans. Our financial institutions will evaluate your current financial situation before determining the loan application outcome.

This will depend on your renovation loan amount and the financial institution you borrow from.

For some, you will have to submit your property documents during the application process.

For some, they will offer unsecured loans where you do not need to provide any collateral.

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