July 30, 2021

9 Feng Shui Home Renovation Tips to Improve Your Wealth and Luck


You’d be surprised but even the younger generation is interested in Feng Shui. Some homeowners have even requested free renovation loan quotes from us. 

When talking about home renovation, creating and maintaining good energy at home is of the same importance as aesthetics.

You should carefully evaluate and plan out how to use renovation as a chance to make a healthy and harmonious environment within the space you’re living in.

Many turn to feng shui to better plan out their house’s energy flow, particularly when wishing to improve wealth and luck. Feng shui, which translates to “wind” and “water” respectively, is a Chinese philosophy about arranging pieces of furniture in living spaces. This arrangement is said not only to create balance but also to encourage a positive lifestyle.

If you’re one of the homeowners looking to improve both their home and quality of life, here are nine feng shui tips that can help enhance your wealth and luck.


1. Home Entrance


Your entrance is an essential part of your home as it is the first thing people will see when they visit your house. Your home must have a sturdy front door, as this signifies stability and protects your house from bad energy.

It is a bad idea to use materials like glass or plastic for your front door. Instead, you can use materials such as wood or metal.

If you’re thinking of adding a second floor to your home, never build the staircase directly in front of the entrance. The energy supposedly entering your home will be focused on going to the second floor, creating an imbalance for the entire house. Ideally, it would be best to build the stairs in areas around the house that receive minimal foot traffic.


2. Placement of Furniture


According to feng shui principles, the placement of your furniture is critical in directing and ensuring good energy flow. Your couch should be placed against a solid wall in the living room as it provides firm support to the household. Your sofa should not be L-shaped because the sharp angles could promote negative energy.

For the bedroom, you should allocate an equal amount of space for all family members especially if there are children. Feng shui suggests that by having equal space, the family will foster love and equality. It would help if you also have your bed facing the door but without lining up with it. It should also be far away from windows and toilets to avoid bad luck.

It would be best if you focused on the kitchen since it is the center of good feng shui. It is essential to establish balance here because all the five elements are present—fire, water, metal, wood, and earth.

Feng shui also suggests having your stove installed on islands instead of being backed against walls. You should avoid having your stove and sink directly across each other since these appliances represent fire and water, which means they will repel each other.


3. Play with Lighting


Lighting in your home is crucial in feng shui since it is one of the strongest manifestations of energy. Your home should have as much natural light as possible since it promotes positive energy flow. It is recommended that you keep your curtains open throughout the day and use lamps or candles in dark spaces.

Good quality of air is also important! So don’t forget to open your windows to allow fresh air inside the house.


4. Use mirrors


Mirrors are double-edged swords.

Mirrors are said to be capable of reflecting or doubling abundance. A perfect place to put your mirrors is in the dining room. For people living in tiny houses or apartments, a mirror could also help make your home look bigger.

However, it would be best if you were careful of the broken mirror. According to feng shui experts, cracks and gaps in the mirrors represent fragmented soul and spirit. These cracks could invite bad energy in the house instead of wealth.


5. Find a balance in elements


As stated above, the kitchen is an excellent place for you to find balance in elements.

However, you can also apply this throughout your home! Since the element wood is associated with “health and family,” it is perfect for delivering cozy living spaces. You can pair it up with other elements such as metal elements like white walls to balance out both the aesthetic and energy of your home.

Remember, having too much of just one element is not good!


6. Find a place for plants and a bowl of oranges


Aesthetically pleasing and good for feng shui!

Plants are said to have the ability to negate bad energy, especially when placed in “dead spaces” like those above your cupboards and unused high shelves. According to feng shui experts, you have to place plants on the balcony, or next to the TV in the living room, or next to your couch.

Meanwhile, oranges have always been symbols of wealth and good luck in feng shui. When designing your kitchen or living room, make sure to include a bowl of fresh oranges. This bowl is said to invite more wealth and good luck into your house!

No wonder we always bring mandarin oranges for Chinese New Year!


7. Incorporate Flowing Water


In feng shui, flowing water is associated with your flow of finances. With this in mind, you have to ensure that the plumbing in your house does not have leaks or water damage.

You can incorporate small fountains in your home as decoration to bring in the flowing water element. But be careful- you have to ensure that the fountain is always clean and in good condition. It is also suggested to direct this water fixture toward the center of your house.

If you’re thinking of incorporating an exterior fountain instead, you should place it in your front yard with the water directed towards the front door.


8. Create a Wealth Corner


When you consult a feng shui expert, they would almost always suggest that you create a wealth corner.

One perfect place to create a space is at the far left back corner of your living room or bedroom. To activate your wealth corner, you must incorporate the color purple, some plants, and a water feature. The color purple in feng shui signifies wealth and abundance.

However, it would be best to use this in moderation—opt for purple accessories or paint. Plants, on the other hand, are known to signify growth to your wealth, while the water element will nourish it.

You can also add citrine crystals to your wealth corner. Citrine is not only the favorite when it comes to attracting wealth; it also supports the renewal of your prosperity. This vibrant gold-tone quartz can even clear itself since it doesn’t hold onto bad energy.

Another thing you can add is the money tree. The feng shui money tree is a classic in attracting wealth and prosperity into any house. Although any healthy plant can serve as the money tree, the two most popular choices are the Pachira Aquatica and Crassula Ovata.


9. Less is More


Being a minimalist is the easiest tip to bringing good luck into your home.

Although it’s alright if you have too much stuff, always make sure your furniture placement doesn’t block walkways. It would help if you also kept your home tidy and uncluttered to avoid obstructing the flow of chi. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure your shelves and tables are not overloaded with trinkets.


Good luck!


Although renovating your home is an exhilarating feeling, you should still think twice if you can afford it.

Home renovation in Singapore generally costs $30,000 to $100,000, depending on the design and materials you choose.

Just because you want to follow feng shui principles doesn’t automatically mean you have to spend a lot of money. 

However, if you have decided to get a renovation loan, you can apply here and receive a bunch of quotes in minutes! RenoLoan is a free for all platform that helps homeowners find the best renovation loans in Singapore.



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