October 18, 2021

17 Awesome Housewarming Gifts That Your Friends/Relatives Will Love


If you are invited to a housewarming party, you know how hard it is to choose the perfect gift. Your friend or relative has finally stopped renting and moved on to independence!

You might not want to give something that is useless or you might not want to give something that looks unacceptable. Well, your housewarming gift has to be meaningful, practical, and affordable, and that’s a tricky combination!

But don’t worry; we have got your back! This article will tell you about the best housewarming gifts idea so you can please your friends or relatives pretty effortlessly.

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17 Awesome Housewarming Gift Ideas to Make Homeowners Happy

So here is our list of 17 housewarming gifts that are practical, reasonably priced, and will increase the aesthetics of any home. To make your dear one happy, you can pick any option from this list with confidence.

1. Coffee Machine


Well, some people think that the rising sun doesn’t wake them up; caffeine does! Hence, you can always go with the coffee machine when it is about a practical housewarming present.

While making the purchase, you will find tons of options, from manual to automatic. Therefore, you can find one for your friends if they love to have coffee regularly.

These appliances are available from $30 to $500; hence, you can easily choose one within your budget. The most popular type of coffee machine in Singapore is the Nespresso, where delicious coffee can be made in seconds! Their coffee capsules can be conveniently bought from local supermarkets like NTUC.

2. Dinnerware


When people move to a new house, they wouldn’t want to use their old utensils.

It is quite natural for them to use only brand new things, but their bank balance may not support that as they just bought a brand new house! We know, there’s still the never-ending renovation cost or home loan installments.

Therefore, you can get an elegant set of dinnerware as a housewarming present. In this way, your friends can use it regularly or occasionally, and every time they serve food on it, they will remember you. How amazing is that?

And you can find it within $50-$300, so you can easily buy it without burning holes in your pocket!

3. Food Containers

Y’know they say, Asian families love their Tupperware.

Some will say that food containers aren’t a great thing to give as a present. But if you are close to the recipient, you can get it without any hesitation.

Food containers are something you will need for everything. From storing leftover foods to packing lunch, you can utilize these containers every day.

Instead of buying a single box, you can get a container set to stay within a decent price point. Moreover, the boxes should be made with food-grade and eco-friendly material so your friends can stay healthy all the time.

You can also consider getting the local tingkat, which is great for carrying multiple dishes! These containers aren’t that expensive; you can get them for under $100. Hence, spending money on these sets won’t be an issue.

4. Bath Towels

There are some amazingly soft premium bath towels available in the market right now. And they look beautiful and can be used all the time. So, if you want something super practical yet add aesthetics to the interior, you can get bath towels for your friends as a housewarming present.

Furthermore, there is also a chance for you to get the towels engraved. It will be an outstanding addition if you’re purchasing presents for newlyweds.

For buying some high-quality bath towels, you only need to spend around $20-$100. It is pretty reasonable, isn’t it?

5. Scented Candles


Nothing can elevate your mood like the scented candles. It’s about creating the right ambiance!

You can keep it in the bathroom, bedroom or your studies for relaxation. Therefore, it will be an excellent gift; there’s no doubt about that!

Depending on your budget, you can either get a set of candles or individual ones within $10 to $140. However, it would really help if you knew what type of scents your friends love. In this way, they can enjoy their free time with heavenly aroma around them.

But before you shop for candles, make sure if your friends are allergic to any specific scent or ingredients. To be on the safe side, you can purchase hypoallergenic candles to protect your friends.

Popular brands in Singapore include Yankee Candle and Bath & Body Works.

6. Hairdryer

A hairdryer can be used by everyone, from male to female, elders to kids! And it releases you from the time-consuming process of air drying your hair!

Hence, you can buy a hairdryer for your near and dear ones if they invite you to their housewarming party. Even if they already own this machine, anyone can use an extra hairdryer!

The price of this gift depends on the brand and features you’re getting. You will find some good quality hair dryers within $50 to $200; hence, you won’t feel any trouble while purchasing. Of course, if you’re feeling generous, you can also get your friend a Dyson hairdryer as a housewarming gift.

7. Air Purifier

The air purifier is not an absolute necessity, but all of us want to keep this device in our household. Sometimes we hesitate to buy this thing because of the price points; no one can deny that.

So if your friends told you about getting an air purifier but didn’t get it, you could get one for them. It will keep their surroundings fresh and make them really happy, don’t you think?

However, a good-quality air purifier ranges from $40 to $500. Yes, that’s more on the expensive side, but when it comes to pleasing your favorite people, you can spend that amount without much hesitation.

8. Juice Blender

Blender is another appliance that can be used on a daily basis. From making soups to whipping up some smoothies, you will need this thing in your life.

Hence, if you won’t give your friends something highly functional, you can pack a blender and take it to the housewarming party.

There are high-grade blenders available within $25-$540; thus, you don’t have to worry about affordability.

9. Rice Cooker

Asians like their rice.

Here is another kitchen appliance on our list that will make your friends happy. A rice cooker can be used every day, and it is a convenient device that will reduce your cooking time by half!

However, there is a chance that your friends already have one in their kitchen, but they can always use an extra one. And the price tags of this appliance are from $45 to $540; thus, you can purchase it without putting much pressure on your bank balance!

And while buying this thing, make sure the size of the rice cooker is suitable for the whole family. The sizes range from 0.6L to 1L; thus, you can get one according to the number of family members.

10. Wipe Mop

You can go for the wipe mops when you are running on a low budget but still want something super functional. Your friends can use this thing to keep their surroundings pristine, and it is available within an amazingly cheap price range.

If you are willing to spend $20-$90, you can pick wipe mops as a housewarming present. Your friends will be happy, and you will feel good too! Well, that’s just the best of both worlds!

11. Vacuum Cleaner


There is rarely a person who wouldn’t want to own a vacuum cleaner! People are often hesitant and don’t feel inspired to get it for themselves as they come with quite a high price tag.

Therefore, if your budget is medium to high, and you want to get a better present than a mop, you can go for this appliance without any doubt.

You can choose to get a wired vacuum cleaner or a cordless vacuum cleaner. Cordless vacuum cleaners are a worthwhile investment due to the great convenience it brings.

All you need is to spend around $75 to $800 to get a top-grade vacuum cleaner. And once you hand it over to your friend at the party, you will become their most beloved guest; there’s no doubt about that.

12. Cocktail Set

Cocktail sets are pretty popular housewarming gifts as they are festive and functional. Furthermore, you can either get expensive or affordable sets, so top marks for convenience. They are also great for guests!

Once you browse your options, you will see tons of sets out there. But you should get a cocktail set that has a cocktail muddler, citrus reamer, jigger, shaker with scales printed on it. This set will help them to make some delicious cocktails.

Hence, if you go to your friend’s house for another party, you will get to enjoy those delicious drinks. Isn’t that amazing?

13. Wine Glasses


Cheers! When it comes to elegant housewarming presents, wine glasses are always on the top. People are always looking for a spare wine glass set, in case one gets broken or damaged!

However, these sets will be expensive if you get a pack of six glasses. To save some cost, you can buy a set of two or even a single glass if your friends live alone or with a small family. Wine glasses can cost between $5 to $100. It depends on how much you’re willing to part with.

You can also go for some uniquely shaped wine glasses instead of the traditional ones. But the exquisite designs may increase the price, so you should keep that in mind.

14. Salt and Pepper Grinder

Do you want to get something cute, functional, small and super inexpensive? If so, you can buy a set of salt and pepper grinder for your friends.

These little utensils will increase the aesthetics of any dining table or kitchen cabinet. And every time your friends grab a shaker to flavor their food, they will be thanking you! Thus, getting this present will be a fantastic choice, don’t you think?

15. Throw Blankets

Nothing is cozier than wrapping yourself with a cozy throw blanket on a cold evening and drinking hot cocoa! Therefore, when your dear ones invite you to a housewarming party, get a throw blanket for them so they can enjoy a relaxing time in their new house.

While making the purchase, you need to make sure that the blanket will go with any décor. As you don’t know anything about the new house, get a black, white or any color that goes with any interior perfectly.

16. Potted Plants

We all need greenery around us to breathe, and potted plants will enhance the look of any décor. Hence, buying a potted plant as a housewarming present will be a great idea.

You can always decorate your house with fancy showpieces, but nothing makes you look more humble than keeping plants around. And you can get some amazingly creative pots that will make your home admirable effortlessly.

Therefore, if you want to help your friends make the surroundings livelier, you should buy potted plants without any hesitation. Lastly, it might help improve the Feng Shui of their home!

17. Personalized Cutting Board

Personalized cutting boards are famous for housewarming or wedding presents. You can engrave your friend’s name on the cutting board, so they can use it in the kitchen or hang it on the wall.

So, when your friends love cooking or keep their décor top-notch all the time, these customized cutting boards will be the perfect present. However, the prices will depend on the wood and engraving quality; you can buy one within your budget.


Here Are More Ideas For Those On A Tight Budget

If the options above are too expensive for you, look at the list below to get ideas about cheap yet highly appreciated presents.

– Air-freshener – This thing can be used in cars and houses, and it will only cost around $5-20.

– Hand Soap – You can but hand soaps that come in cute bottles to enhance the interior bathroom look. However, always go for a mild formula; your friends can be safe from irritation. And the prices of hand soaps are around $5-$10; thus, anyone can afford it.

– Oven Mitt – Oven mitts are something you need on a regular basis, and they are available within 15-20 dollars. Therefore, you can buy some cute and stylish oven mitts pretty effortlessly!


How Much Should You Spend On Housewarming Gifts?


The amount depends on how much money you have to spare and how close you are with your friend/relative.

While purchasing housewarming gifts, you should spend $20-100 as it is a standard amount. However, you can always increase or decrease the budget according to your preference and affordability without any hesitation.


The Bottom Line

So that was a list of some housewarming gift ideas that will make your friends feel happy. These things are highly functional and will add sparkle to the décor, which is all we need!

You can spend a heavy amount on something, that’s your decision. But you should always bring a present that can be used all the time and offers convenience to their day-to-day life. It will help them after facing the high costs of a home renovation.

However, if you’re confused about which gift you should get, you can get the eCapitaVoucher. In this way, your friends will be able to pick whatever they want to start their new life!

Or, if you are planning to renovate your house, RenoLoan Singapore is having a promotion! We are giving out vouchers up to $1,000*! Find out more here.




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