February 21, 2022

Easy Guide: How To Buy Furniture From Taobao For Your Home?


When it’s about shopping for a wide range of products within a tight budget, Taobao is the best website for you. But everything on this site is in Chinese, so selecting a product and knowing the details isn’t child’s play!

To all readers who jiak kantang, we feel you.

Taobao has a huge collection of furniture that comes with a reasonable price tag. Hence, Singaporeans tend to choose this website for a breezy experience when decorating a house. Home renovation is already very costly, with couples choosing renovation loans instead of using their savings.

But some people get discouraged as the shopping and shipping procedure can be tricky! Getting a home renovation loan isn’t easy, and now there’s the cost of furniture to consider!

Well, that’s why RenoLoan has prepared this ultimate guide on how to buy furniture from Taobao without any complications.

Let’s get into that part right away, shall we?

Why Do People Love Taobao?

If you don’t have much money in your account but still want to have the best décors from good contractors, Taobao will be your savior.

Most Singaporeans have to take loans to buy their houses, and home renovation costs a huge amount of money. And the furniture is quite expensive here. Hence, buying things from Taobao can save you from the ordeal.

From Taobao, you can buy chairs, tables, a sofa, or anything you want within a tight budget. Moreover, the build quality is top-notch too. If you have S$10,000 in your pocket, you can beautifully arrange your whole apartment with Taobao furniture. Isn’t that amazing?

In addition, you will get different furniture styles, from Japanese to rustic, on this website. There are also massive collections of clothes, shoes, and accessories, so you can get anything you need to live a glam life!

However, everything in this universe comes with perks and cons. And Taobao isn’t any different than that! All the details will be written in Chinese on this site; you can’t read anything if you are not fluent in this language.

So, how do you shop from this website? How can you search for a specific product and select the shipping detail? Well, that’s what we will learn in our next part.


How To Buy Furniture From Taobao – All You Need To Know


Always lookout for the best deals, discounts and more! From searching your desired product to seeing the price in SGD, we will share everything in this segment. So, stick to us to get enlightened!

Translating Taobao To English

Yes, the first thing you should do is translate the whole website into English. Once you are done with the translation, you can easily read the details of the products, shipping info, and the customer’s feedback without any trouble.

You can use the Google Chrome browser or Google Translate to do that. The Google Chrome browser comes with a translation feature on the top right corner of the screen. By pressing that, you can read the whole page in English and understand everything clearly.

On the other hand, Google Translator does the same thing, but it takes a little time to do that.

Download The App

When you download the Taobao app, it will recognize your location once you sign up. And then, you can easily see the prices of your desired products in SGD instead of CNY. This way, you will be able to save more time and browse furniture within your budget without any complications.

The app makes Taobao shopping a lot easier than it was many years ago. They finally have their own logistics which can deliver you your goods!

However, the app isn’t that simple, so using it can be a little tiresome in the beginning. But once you get a hold of it, you can easily look for the products you are planning to get. So hang in there!

Search For Your Products

Now that you have translated the page and downloaded the app, it is time for you to get the things you want. And this is the trickiest part, to be honest!

There are three ways that you can try to search for your things. They are:

  • By seller or items
  • By image
  • By keyword

By Seller/ Items

In the app, click on a category you want to browse and check for the item you want. Once you select a category, you will be sent to a page where you will find similar products’ details.

You can also look for your product by retailer’s name. If you have the retailer’s information, you can type the name on the search bar, leading you to a landing page, where you will see all their products in one place.

By Image

Suppose you loved a product in the store and that’s out of your budget. Well, take a picture of that and search for it in the Taobao app by hitting the camera icon.

In addition, you can also scan an item directly using the scan option on the top left corner of the app screen. When you scan the products, the app will show you all the similar products.

On top of everything, you can also utilize the advanced search options. Suppose you have a picture of any room and you only need the coffee table, not the sofa. In that case, you can crop the picture and search for a specific product without any trouble.

By Keyword

Well, searching your beloved items by keyword isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. This feature is only profitable for those who read and write Chinese. But thanks to us, you can do that too!

In the next segment, we will give you a cheat sheet on how to search your product by keyword on Taobao. So, let’s roll to the next section!


How To Do A Word Search In Taobao?

You might be thinking, “Am I going to get a Chinese lesson now?” Well, that’s not what we will do here! We are about to tell you the symbols you can use to search your objects on this website.

Here are some common symbols that you can try for searching in Taobao.

Dinner table饭桌
Coffee table咖啡桌/茶几
Computer chairs電腦椅
Mini-laptop stands筆記本電腦支架
Home décor家居用品

After searching your product using these keywords, Taobao may ask you to refine your search. And this is how you can do it.

Sales volume销量
Credibility of seller信用
Price range价格

Try these keywords below if you want to search for your furniture by style.

Industrial Chic工业别致


How Do I Get The Best Product From Taobao?

Don’t waste your money on unnecessary or poor quality items!

Though Taobao sells products with inexpensive price tags, products come with a high-quality build. And that’s one of the reasons behind this website’s popularity.

However, there are tons of products and retailers, so fishing out for the best product can be a little tough. But if you know the right trick, you can easily get a better value for the money.

So, to find out the most amazing products, you need to do these two things:

1. Check the seller’s rating

2. Check Customer’s Feedback

Check The Seller’s Rating

There are hundreds of retailers on the website selling their products to you. But how do you know that the seller you choose is reliable and delivers quality products for you?

Before making the purchase, make sure that you read the seller’s rating on the evaluation tab below your order form. The seller’s rating depends on these criteria:

  • Accuracy of the specification
  • Customer support service
  • Logistics

This way, you will learn if the retailer is trustworthy or not. Furthermore, it will also give you an idea about their featured products in detail.

Check The Customer’s Feedback

The retailer may say some fluffy things about their products to impress you. But you will get to know about the real deal from the customer’s experience.

Therefore, go through the customer’s feedback to learn about the product’s service and quality. Moreover, you will see about their customer service in detail, which will help you to make the correct decision about your shopping.

And here is a pro tip for you, if you want to see the real pictures of the furniture you selected, check the feedback section. Some buyers post the real picture to express their experience. And it will help you with the decision-making.

To help our customers with their home renovation, RenoLoan offers a $1,000* discount for couples and individuals!


How To Contact The Seller In Taobao?

When you are not satisfied with the details given with the featured products, you can contact the seller for better knowledge. There are two ways to contact the seller; website chat and app chat.

Website Chat

If you are using Google Chrome for translating Taobao, you can easily see the chat option on the page. And there will be a blue bubble near the chatbox so that you can locate it by this indication.

App Chat

The chat option on the app looks like this “阿里旺旺.” You can enter into it and ask the seller for real pictures. Moreover, you can also ask them about your wrapping choices, such as wooden boxes and bubble wrap packaging.

Moreover, some products from Taobao cannot be imported into Singapore. Hence, you can also talk about it with the seller before making the purchase.


Choosing The Shipping Option & Method – The Correct Way

Now that you have selected the product and talked with the retailer, it is time for you to pick the shipping option and method. Firstly, let’s discuss the correct shipping option, and then we will talk about the method.

The Right Shipping Option

For a trouble-free shipping experience, you can pick intermediaries like Ezbuy and Shopee. These intermediary agents will care for your shipping, payments, and other complications.

However, you will have to pay some fees for that. You can select these agents for a trouble-free experience if you are okay with that.

Furthermore, if the order quantity is massive, Taobao also offers you a direct sea shipping service, Cainiao. But if you want to go for it, you will have to do lots of Google translating, that’s it!

The Right Shipping Method

When you click on the Shipping methods aka 物流方式, plenty of options will show up. Let us tell you how to select the correct shipping method from the list.

官方物流-直送Direct Shipping
官方物流-集运Consolidated Shipping
自行联系卖家寄送Seller’s Shipping

Direct Shipping

If you choose the direct shipping method, you will receive your product from Taobao’s China warehouse. It is one of the most straightforward and popular methods.

Consolidated Shipping

The consolidated shipping method is the cheapest option of all. It is also simpler than any other procedure because you don’t have to contact the seller. When the furniture arrives at the China warehouse, your products will be repacked for a fuss-free delivery.

Seller’s Shipping

You can also discuss with the seller about the shipping process. However, if you don’t know how to speak Mandarin, you can go for the other two processes.


How To Pay And Track Your Taobao Order?

Once you choose a suitable payment method, you have to pay for the stuff. And to do that, you need to input these details listed below.

  • Firstly, put your credit card details.
  • And then, you have to wait for at least 24 hours and let the system check your payment.

And here is how you can track your purchase.

待付款Waiting for payment
待发货Waiting for shipment
待收货Waiting for delivery
待评价The seller is waiting for your feedback


Getting Help From Third-Party Agents To Buy Products From Taobao

If you choose to buy your Tabao thing through a third-party agent, the process will be much easier for you. From selection to tracking your order, everything will be done like clockwork. So, for a trouble-free experience, you can go for these agents.

As you may already know, when you take the help of an intermediary agent, you will have to pay some fees. But the shipping cost will be a bit higher too, so keep that in mind.


What Can I Do If My Ordered Products Don’t Arrive in Good Condition from Taobao?

When you are not happy with the product’s quality or don’t have the features promised on the website, you can contact the seller for a replacement. Most reputed sellers on Taobao offer a one-for-one replacement so that you won’t have any problem.

And if the seller is not reasonable, you should contact Taobao’s customer service. Hopefully, you will get some solution regarding that matter.


Can I Ship Heavy Products Using Cainiao, without Using Third-Party Agents?

Yes, you can import heavier items by using Cainiao, which is a sea-shipping system by Taobao. If your product weighs below 30kg, you will have to pay the delivery charge by weight, as it will be treated as a small package.

By contrast, when your item is over 30kg, you need to pay by cubic meter. It will be more pocket-friendly than paying by the weight charge.


Can I Buy Taobao Products from Lazada?

If you think that buying products from Taobao is complicated and you don’t want to contact the third-party agents either, you can try Lazada.

Lazada is an online shopping website in Singapore that offers Taobao Collection for you. This site has stocked some products from the Taobao sellers so you can buy them without any hassle.

You can either browse Lazada from their website or app, whichever you prefer. Moreover, everything will be in English; hence, you can say goodbye to Google Translator.

But before getting excited, you should know something about Lazada’s Taobao collection. The website doesn’t have all the products you can get from Taobao, just a limited collection of best-selling products. Thus, for a full Taobao experience, Lazada won’t be a great choice.


Will You Be Charged GST On The Taobao Items?


Yes, you will be charged GST if you purchase Taobao items. If you choose sea-shipping, you will have to pay GST, regardless of the value of your product.

Furthermore, if you have picked air-shipping, you will be charged for products that cost S$400 or over. The Taobao will be collecting your GST; thus, it will be added to your total bill.


The Bottom Line

When you look forward to decorating your house on a tight budget, you won’t get many options. The furniture cost in Singapore is more on the expensive side; it is quite hard to arrange the décor with our desired things.

But thanks to Taobao, now you can get whatever you want within a reasonable price range. Hence, if you don’t have tons of cash lying around, this website can be your savior.

However, purchasing from Taobao is quite complicated, especially for beginners. But as we have covered everything about how to buy furniture from Taobao, now you can pick your favorite products pretty effortlessly!

To help you with renovation costs, RenoLoan is offering you a $1,000* discount! Learn more about what we do and how we can help you in your home renovation journey!



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